That Pillow Thing

That Pillow Thing™

£14.94 £24.95

Soft yet supportive memory foam roll.

Transforms your pillow to enhance sleep.

Simply attach That Pillow Thing™ to the long side of your pillow and then slot it inside a pillowcase.

That Pillow Thing™ gently moulds to the unique shape of your neck to create a pillow that’s personal to you. And because your head is still resting on your pillow, it will still feel like your favourite pillow, only better!

Made in the UK.

Postage & packing is £3.50 for all UK orders – we ship worldwide, view delivery info.

Five reasons to try That Pillow Thing™

  1. Instantly makes your pillow more comfortable
  2. Helps you fall asleep quicker.
  3. Supports your head and neck for a better night’s sleep.
  4. Less likely to wake up throughout the night to readjust uncomfortable neck positions.
  5. Wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Easy to use

Add to your pillow
Place inside pillow case

Five more reasons…

  1. Offers two different levels of contoured support, giving you control over your own comfort.
  2. May help reduce snoring (lots of really positive feedback on this – worth a try!!).
  3. Makes the perfect travel companion to enhance hotel pillows.
  4. 90 days, no fuss, money-back guarantee. This enables you to really try That Pillow Thing™ before returning it.
  5. What have you got to lose – except a bad night’s sleep?

Works with your own pillow preference

Soft pillow
Firm pillow
Feather pillow
Polyester pillow

We all have our own pillow preferences; some of us like firm pillows, while others like soft, some like features… It would be impossible to make a pillow that would suit everyone. That’s why That Pillow Thing™ is so ingenious as it works with your own pillow to transform it from an OK-ish type of pillow into a supercharged one which enhances sleep.

That Pillow Thing™ can be used with every type of pillow to provide that much-needed neck support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

You will be amazed at the difference That Pillow Thing™ makes. Once you’ve tried it for a few nights, you won’t want to be without it.

If all you want is a good night’s sleep, then this is just the thing!