That Pillow Thing

Why Do I Need That Pillow Thing?

Trouble sleeping?

If you have trouble sleeping or wake up aching and feeling tired, then your pillow could be at fault.

Most pillows do not support your head and neck properly while you sleep.

Mind the gap!

When we lay our heads down on a pillow a gap is formed between our neck and the pillow.

The problem with pillows

Standard pillows are badly designed. They tend to be padded more in the middle than at the sides, but this is where your neck needs the most support.


An unsupported neck will crease downwards while you sleep, overstretching ligaments and straining muscles.

Disturbed sleep

Your sleep will be interrupted as your body constantly wakes you up (without you realising it) to readjust uncomfortable neck positions.

So you will wake up in the morning feeling tired and sore.

That Pillow Thing™ to the rescue

That Pillow Thing™ instantly solves this problem.

Find out how…