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What is That Pillow Thing™?

That Pillow Thing™ sleep enhancer is a brand new, world patented invention which helps you get a better night’s sleep so you wake up feeling properly rested.

It’s the THING you attach to your pillow that you never knew you needed.

Simply slot That Pillow Thing™ onto the edge of your favorite pillow to create a personal fit that’s just right for you. It’s looks simple but it’s extremely effective.

Why do I need That Pillow Thing™?

If you have trouble sleeping or wake up feeling tired and sore, perhaps your pillow is not doing its job.

In fact, most pillows don’t support your neck properly while you sleep. This affects the quality of your sleep and you wake up feeling tired – sound familiar?

That Pillow Thing™ instantly solves this problem. Just attach it to your pillow and enjoy comfort like you’ve never experienced before.

It’s often the little things in life that make a big difference!

Is your pillow your worst enemy?

How does That Pillow Thing™ work?

That Pillow Thing™ hugs the edge of your pillow providing a contoured layer of memory foam which fills the gap between your neck and pillow.

This supports your neck and helps keep your cervical spine correctly aligned throughout the night.

When your head and neck are correctly supported, this means your sleep will be uninterrupted and you’ll rest much better.

Find out how That Pillow Thing™ works…

Five reasons you'll love That Pillow Thing™ – sleep enhancer

Instant Comfort

Instantly makes your pillow more comfortable

Fast Asleep

Because you’re so comfortable, you’ll fall asleep faster

Correct Support

Your head and neck will be properly supported for a good night’s sleep

Quality Sleep

Feel the difference in just 2-3 nights. You won’t want to sleep again without it!

Wake-up Refreshed

Wake up feeling rested and refreshed and ready for the day

Choose between two levels of support

Lower Contoured Side

Use the white side facing up for gentle neck support.

That Pillow Thing™ even lets you control the level of support. Either use the white side facing up for subtle, gentle neck support. Also ideal for back sleepers.

Higher Contoured Side

Use the blue side facing up for stronger neck support.

Flip the pillow over and use the blue side facing up for a deeper, stronger neck support. Also good for side sleepers.


I didn’t realise that my pillow was even lacking until trying That Pillow Thing. I’ve never slept better in my life since using it. I recently took it with me on holiday and it seems to work with the hotel pillows too, which I’ve often struggled with.


Pillows have always been a problem for me, they are either too soft or too firm or just not quite right. That Pillow Thing has made an incredible difference to the pillow I’m currently using, I love it.


I rarely give reviews but I have to say the support from That Pillow Things is just perfect. It’s hard to explain, but it’s not just the support that I love but how it cradles my neck – it feels like it has just been made for me and my neck!


That pillow thing is wonderful, I’m completely addicted and will never sleep without it. I’ve actually got two which I use on each edge of my pillow and it’s a game changer. Thank you so much to the inventor of this wonderful product.



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